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Focusing Too Much Solely In Acquiring Benefits And Industry Support

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I was watching an interview today where a person was talking about his views on how he feels that a lot of entrepreneurs expect to run their business highly on the notion that they can get third party funding and support by continually doing what they think others want. Example, imagine running an organization where there is a government grant for people who promote an art in a specific way and so you constantly revolve your work/operation to cater to that.

Or, imagine you writing a book where instead of simply writing what you feel like you try to create it in such a way where you are basing your work on what you think people want to generate a sale. With that in mind, the person was expressing that you have to be independent when it comes to situations like these where you shouldn’t be expecting to get anything but rather focus in creating what you think is the ideal product/service. Afterwards, that in turn will attract say sponsors and sales with the ideal demographic/audience.

It’s true in many ways I thought as you really have to trust and believe that your work can sell itself. At the same time, you will probably he happier in the long run being able to create things the way you want to.

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