Focusing On Making A Lot of Money Eventually

Focusing On Making A Lot of Money Eventually

Today there was a exhibition boxing match between the boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather going against the social media star Logan Paul. This sounded so absurd as everyone would envision Mayweather simply knocking out Paul without much of a sweat. However, Paul is younger and bigger which could be a big factor. But one thing that kept coming up about this is event is how regardless of what happens they both win as it is pretty much guaranteed to generate a lot of attention and money. In a lot of the interviews there was even constant references to how they are the best at promotions in order to make a lot of money.

It almost felt like the opposite advise where people often say focus on other things first and then the money will come. But what if you are already at that place in life where you have financial stability while being able to do whatever you want? Would you say it’s time to just focus on getting as much money as possible whenever you decide to work per se?

This can be true for say an artist where early on they keep doing things because they love it and value very single opportunity even if they make nothing. But once they get big enough they will demand more while being very selective. Could you ever envision yourself shifting mindset like that I terms of making money where many would say it’s just a necessary step of doing bigger things in life?

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