Flyers Here, Flyers There, Flyers Everywhere
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Flyers Here, Flyers There, Flyers Everywhere

With the last weekend of the holiday shopping season it seems like every company has multiple flyers advertising last minute sales to entice impulsive shoppers. On top of that, stores are already sending out flyers to advertise post Christmas sales which kind of makes shopping for presents after Christmas sound like a smart thing to do.

In some cases it kind of makes you feel silly as you can clearly see how there will be so many price drops after the holiday as if it’s like you are not disciplined enough to wait one day to save 50%. I usually try to find out the best deals online nowadays first as you can usually find digital versions of store flyers before they even arrive in the mail.

Whenever I see a sale on a flyer I don’t usually focus so much on the price initially but rather from a business perspective that usually tells me that the company often has some kind of vendor promotion to enable them to sell it at such a low price. With that, if I am interested in buying the item in question I would usually ask someone who works in the field to see how good of a deal it really is. Most often in these cases, you can get it for even less.

A lot of these prices that I am seeing are pretty enticing as is though I must say.

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