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Floods Forcing People To Think If They Really Need Certain Items

This was a surprise where the supermarket had all these signs posted around the grocery aisle. Upon closer inspection it was a notice to inform people that they were all out of plastic bags that people would normally use to place fruits and vegetables in. That is sure inconvenient and odd if people start trying to carry five apples by hand along with a couple of vegetables to the cashier as an example.

But to my surprise it seemed like people just adapted for the most part such as not using the plastic bags as they just dumped everything into a basket. Afterwards at the checkout they would then put everything in a bag then. In that sense it almost makes you wonder if we can do without these plastic bags usually or maybe encourage people to use re-usable ones. Or how about baskets with convenient compartments to make bringing it to the checkout aisle easy?

You can learn a lot on what is actually necessary during situations where you have to be resourceful.

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