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Flat Rate Commuting

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I was talking to a friend who was trying to think of the best way to travel from an airport to the main city area in a place that she is not too familiar with. Of course, cost is a factor. When the mention of a taxi came up, the automatic response was how that is probably the most expensive option.

That then got me into the mindset that if you are looking to save money in these cases that you should always try to find solutions that have a flat rate fee. While this would normally be things like the public transportation system, funny enough this can even be like a limousine. That’s not a joke either as it looked like to get to the airport to the main city area, on a taxi that could be like $40 for a less than an hour ride. On a flat rate limo it could be the same if not less.

That then lead to other options such as a flat rate shuttle bus which looked like a good option as well for people that were traveling in larger groups with a lot of luggage. Always better to know exactly how much you are paying as you never know what kind of bill you can end up with.

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