Fitness Tax Credit For Kids
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Fitness Tax Credit For Kids

This was kind of surprising to me and I guess it can be useful for businesses or parents. Although this specific example is for Canada, maybe they offer something similar in your home country as well. Essentially, I saw one particular fitness club that has classes for kids and to encourage parents to enroll their kids they actually showed how one can take advantage of a $500+ tax credit which you can read about here:

I’m inclined to say that most people haven’t even thought of something like this as it is one of those things that you wouldn’t normally research about. From a consumer point of view it is definitely great to get a free $500. As a business, this can be a good way to acquire customers where it is almost like someone is voluntarily sponsoring your customers.

Of course, there are always stipulations that you will need to educate yourself about. For example, one of them in this case is that the child has to stay for an X amount of time in the program. Just shows you how much free money there is out there to do so many things too.

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