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First Generation Products

Usually when it comes to hot items everyone has an urge to own the latest and greatest. Since I am planning to buy a new cell phone by the end of the year, today I was reading about that new Samsung i8910 Omnia HD cell phone which looked really nice.

I was then reading comments from other phone manufacturers on how no company ever gets first releases perfect as there is usually some kind of issue with it. I know a lot of people that actually avoid buying first generation products because of things like that as they don’t see the point in paying top dollars for something that a company can’t guarantee that you are buying the product at its optimal state.

I doubt you can really say that anything will be bug free when you buy it. By bugs I mean technical glitches and not literally like insects in your product for all the wise crackers. Although, I guess that attitude can save you a lot of money as usually by the time a company weeds everything out the price of the product will probably be extremely lower.

For me it mostly comes down to the cost and purpose of the item to determine how picky I would be in regards to expecting perfection.


  • t-boy 4/17/2009

    first release inhibitions? Have you no idea of how many phones Samsung has manufactured? “First release” is without meaning.

  • Alan Yu 4/17/2009

    Say what? First release as in first batch of products.

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