Finishing Extra Things Way Ahead of Time or Not

Finishing Extra Things Way Ahead of Time or Not

One funny thing that I experience recently was that I actually fell behind on some side projects as other items simply require my priority attention at the moment. As I got time to catch up on some stuff I actually ended up doing three days of work for that project in one day where it actually wasn’t too bad. But blanking out everything else and just focusing on that it’s kind of amazing at how much I got done. It’s weird too where why don’t I do that more often where for certain things instead of stopping at my daily goal why not try and finish say the next day’s work too if I could assuming I had the time and energy to do so?

This is different than working non-stop to the point of being unhealthy as we all need to take a break. But I guess the analogy would be if you goal was to walk 14000 steps in a week, which means 2000 a day, why just stop at 2000 that one day if you literally had the time and energy to do all 14000? Then afterwards for the rest of the week if something happened you could just say walk 500 a day and still blow past your goal as well as having those excess efforts transferred to your future dates.

I know for myself like there sometimes I would just literally do something that is a complete waste of time when I get everything done which is of course relaxing but it makes you wonder if you should just keep going. Or would people consider that as simply working way too much?

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