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Fines Coming For illegal Downloads

I was reading a piece of news on how here in Canada they are trying to change some laws in the copyright act where fines will be thrown at people who do things such as download copied music to say ipods or ripped videos on one’s computer.

When it comes to things like downloading music I think on average most people don’t even know that they are downloading something that has been ripped, so to speak. A lot of people I talk to simply think that someone was just generous enough to put it on the web for them to download.

I know some stores here charge a sort of levy fee for blank CD’s where the assumption was that people are buying blank CD’s to burn copied music and so the fee would in turn pay for that. Makes me wonder how effective this law would be as I’m sure the problem is pretty massive where you could probably fine three out of every five people who own a computer or some kind of media device.

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