Finding So Many Deals From Subsidiaries

Finding So Many Deals From Subsidiaries

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Today I was ready to make quite a few purchases from a company but it didn’t seem like the items were on sale. So of course I usually like to hold out until I can get a good deal. What I did remember about this company though it that they had a bunch of subsidiaries where they sold the exact same products except the prices were usually cheaper. The drawback was that you usually had to purchase larger quantities to get a deal otherwise you have to pay a lot for items like shipping.

I knew in this case though since it was ultimately the same company they shared the exact same warehouse and inventory system. Usually whenever companies do things like price matches they approve or deny it based on if it is in stock and if the cost you are presenting to them is under how much they pay for the item itself to resell. I knew for sure I wouldn’t run into those problems and sure enough I was able to save about 30% just by price matching their own offerings.

That sure made it a lot easier to get a good deal right away while avoiding hassles of being denied the discounts.

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