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Finding Other Divisions Of Companies To Pay Less

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Today when I was thinking of doing some grocery shopping it was running through my mind that I didn’t want to pay such high prices for certain items and knew that smaller grocery stores often offer things for much less. For example, a large chain that would normally sell apples for say $1.27 a pound could easily be found at other places for about 67 cents a pound.

Usually too of course, you would think that the large chains could offer things for cheaper considering they have such a strong purchasing power. So what I did was that I started to research other company divisions that the larger chains had to see if those places offered things for less. For example, it’s usually not uncommon for say an electronic or computer chain to have a warehouse division where you can buy things for cheap since there isn’t as much overhead.

Sure enough I did find other divisions and it offered stuff I was looking for at a price that was much lower. Funny enough, at those stores they were advertising how they had such strong purchasing power on why they could offer things for less. Just another way to hunt down for better deals if you are trying to save money.

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