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Finding New Work And Jobs During A Pandemic

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It’s kind of sad to hear that during this COVID 19 pandemic that there are a lot of people who are finding themselves in the unemployment line. They don’t really have anything else as well where it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see people trying to find work in fields and industries that they have no clue or experience with. For example, people who would normally do event promotions now trying to find work by offering to be a tutor for people wanting to learn a second language that they are fluent in.

Another example I saw was restaurant workers advertising that they will fix stuff that they have a lot of knowledge in. Kind of makes you think in these cases whether or not you should be investing the energy to finding work in fields you haven’t formally worked in professionally. Or, if you should continue to simply find related work in your field as if it is no different than getting laid off through traditional means.

I guess it’s one reason why even if you work in a traditional job that you should try exploring other work and opportunities during the times when you are in the best position to safely do so. Otherwise in times like this we can all get pretty desperate which is never a good thing.

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