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Finding Good Grocery Products In Normally Bad Piles

The other day while at the supermarket there was this display with a bunch of pomegranates on sale for less than a dollar each which is a great bargain as one large one could easily be about $2 usually. Unfortunately, upon inspecting what was in the box everything was rater mushy which explains the cheap price as the quality wasn’t there.

So, when I walked past it again today I assumed it would be the same. However, I decided to inspect it anyways. To my surprise, these ones seemed fresh and good to consume. They were pretty large in size too which genuinely made me wonder if someone accidentally put the good batch into what should have been the bad batch.

It’s a nice reminder that this can happen a lot such as the times I mentioned before where stores place fresh products in clearance aisles when it should only be the close to expiry ones. Doesn’t hurt to double check.

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