Finding Better And Cheaper Solutions In Different Industries
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Finding Better And Cheaper Solutions In Different Industries

I was thinking how recently I missed out buying these little cube boxes from that Bed Bath Beyond store closing sale as they were being cleared for about six dollars with tons of stock of it. I was planning to potentially use it for storage. With that in mind, it made me think of looking at Home Depot to see what the prices of totes were as I remember they always had great deals for them.

Now obviously this is more geared towards people who want to store things such as tools. But with that you can see the price for a 102L Tote is only $14.97. This thing is like six times the size of that little cube box too where it actually makes way more sense storage wise to get this. You could argue that it’s not fashionable in any way, buy if it’s just for storage does it not make more financial sense?

It’s a great example on how many times if you look at other industry products and solutions for specific needs you may find that it seems way better than the stuff you are used to seeing. Some other examples are how people use nail polish remover to get rid of logos on sunglasses versus buying expensive kits from stores that specialize in selling sunglasses.

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