Finding A Free Open Spot For Activities
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Finding A Free Open Spot For Activities

Sunny drone shot

It was snowing a lot recently and not surprisingly a lot of kids were out making snowmen and having snowball fights. I then heard how some people thought it would be great to go snowboarding, but budget wise they can’t afford paying for a ticket and so that is out of the question. That got me to think as today while I was walking by what is normally more of a scenic park area there happens to be a lot of hills. With the snow covering it there were a lot of people going down the hill on things like small sleds for fun.

As well, in other parts there were actually a group of snowboarders that made a hill path to repeatedly go down. Granted they don’t have the benefits of things like a ski lift to get them back up and down again, but it kind of shows you even with stuff like this you could always find a way to do it for free. There are often a lot of open spaces in many areas that can be suitable for certain activities during various seasons. Like here, outside of winter people would probably just be sitting on these small hills but with the snow it becomes a fun free activity spot.

There are technicalities in a lot of places such as you are not supposed to do non designated activities even in open fields. But I often find people don’t mind as long as you are doing it safe and not bothering anyone. You don’t always have to spend money to go to a fancy ski hill as an example to have some fun.

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