Feeling Strange To Buy Too Much of The Same Sale Item
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Feeling Strange To Buy Too Much of The Same Sale Item

I went into a store today that was having a pretty big sale on everything. Most of it was on everyday products that people use such as soap. Not surprisingly some people bought so many since the price was cheap and this way they won’t have to buy more for awhile. Makes a lot of sense financially. It’s kind of funny to see the stares that people get when they see a person doing such a thing.

My usual reaction when I see people buy that many of the same item is that I wonder how much the item is on sale for to get someone to buy that much. Because of the negative reactions though some people actually stop themselves from buying more. If you realistically go through enough of an item in a timely manner and the price is generally the cheapest all year around there is no reason to not do it I’d say.

It’s those times where the items are just on an okay sale price that it would be kind of silly to say try and stock up for 3 to 6 months worth of supplies when a better deal is more than likely to come in those scenarios.

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  • Tim 9/20/2010

    What store was it? Walmart?

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