Feeling Odd Shopping A Themed Sale
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Feeling Odd Shopping A Themed Sale

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Usually when it comes to saving money with a sale all should be good if there are good deals right? With back to school coming soon of course there are going to be a lot of sales revolve around items that companies think a student needs. This can include items such as a tablet or laptop too which people use for work as well. So here was a funny thing where I knew a guy that wanted to buy a computer at a good price and I was telling him how a particular store was having a good back to school sale for one. His immediate response was he doesn’t go to school so it can’t be for him.

Of course my reaction was it’s just a sales name to attract customers. It did make me wonder how many people avoid taking advantage of deals like these because the name of the sale makes people feel like they don’t qualify for it. Like an over exaggerated example would be if you are one who doesn’t celebrate Christmas but all the stores are having Christmas themed sales would you not buy the stuff you need and want at the discounted prices for the event?

I feel personally it’s just wrong if the sale is specifically supposed to only be valid for qualified people. For example, if getting into an amusement park had a sale for seniors and you are a teenager then that is wrong to try and utilize the sale price. But overall a sale is a sale I feel.

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