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Feeling The Need To Waste Money From Time To Time

A person was telling me today that they were pretty excited about a purchase that they made recently where they saved up so much reward points to the point where getting the item was extremely cheap. They ended up only having to pay like 20% of the actual sale price as a result. The interesting thing was that they were saying how it feels great to just spend the money selfishly once in awhile where you are essentially throwing away every frugal or financially responsible practice there is.

I tend to agree that you have to treat yourself every so often where you worked hard for your money and so you should consistently reward yourself too. I feel the main difference for me is that I don’t have much of a need or desire to spend it by like eating $1000 worth of truffles or something like that. I feel I get that “wasting money” feeling by doing things that I don’t normally do. That can be going on adventures as an example. While those often cost money to me fundamentally it come down to just doing different stuff too.

So in that case I tend to still in a sense be frugal in many ways while still getting that same kind of excitement and relaxation that people would get by like splurging money. It works for me at least to essentially get the best of both worlds.

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