Feeling Guilty For Free VIP Style Benefits
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Feeling Guilty For Free VIP Style Benefits

Yesterday I was at a restaurant as there was a couple that was planning to move to a new province and so it was a casual farewell type of gathering. This one in particular was a place that we went to often since its recent opening and ever since a past few visits I noticed that they began giving us preferential treatments even though we don’t exactly say do anything out of the extraordinary compared to any other customer.

Aside from the prompt service, they have been giving us things that should normally require you to spend a lot of money for first and instead they just threw it in for free. In most Chinese types of restaurants, with this one being no exception, they usually give you a free simple desert at the end of a meal such as a red bean soup. Instead, I notice that this restaurant now always gives us the more expensive things such as a large baked tapioca pudding or mango pudding that are carved in various shapes like a fish.

While that is a good business strategy I suppose to keep long time customers, I was thinking how it is funny as even though it is free you tend to want to pay for it anyways through the form of a tip afterwards. So in the end, it’s almost like you ordering it anyways from a financial point of view I thought.

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