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Feeling Entitled To Be Rude And Abusive As A Customer

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There seems to be a ton of stories recently of customers being extremely vulgar and aggressive with employees. The most common story is in regards to having to wear a mask due to store policies. But recently there seems to be people who just want to take their frustrations out on employees as if it’s perfectly okay. There was this video I was watching today that just seemed so over the top and unacceptable.

It was captured by a customer at a restaurant called Chinese Garden and it would appear that another customer was upset that he did not get his food quickly enough. I would imagine this was due to places having to offer take outs due to the pandemic or as the person who captured the video pointed out it was a Friday. But just look at how this man just goes off at the business owners with nonstop abusive language.

You as a customer have a right to express disappointment with a service if it didn’t live up to your expectation. But that doesn’t give one the right to act like this. I would be inclined to say the businesses does not want you if you are going to be like that. Especially during times like these where the restaurant industry is hit very badly this is the last thing they need. Stay home if you are going to be this way in my opinion as this is one of those times where the money isn’t worth it to be treated like that.

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