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Fathers Day Rushes

So today was fathers day and like a lot of people we all treated our dads to either lunch or dinner. The restaurant I took my dad to was pretty packed and the business was getting slammed. Was the first time I have seen them get so any orders wrong as a result of the rushes.

I was thinking for the business on how they probably didn’t expect it to be so busy and so they didn’t really plan too much for it other than it was going to be a usual busy weekend. In this case too for our table, we ended up not getting some of our orders since it was overlooked by them and in the end we just requested that it be taken off which meant lost business for them.

Imagine if that happened say one out of every five times that day even if it was only for one order. That’s a lot of lost revenue for the day. It goes to show you that if you deal with an industry that is heavily influenced by holiday events that you should be prepared to capitalize on it. Overall the day was good though.

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