Fast Food Restaurant or The Super Market In A Rush
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Fast Food Restaurant or The Super Market In A Rush


Today I was with a friend where he was hungry and decided to get something to eat. He was on a tight budget though where at the same time he wanted to get something healthy. So it was interesting where at first he decided to go to a fast food sushi restaurant as to him that was healthy and the apparently offered great deals. Unfortunately when we arrived the store actually closed. So he started to think of other places he could go. Because there didn`t seem to be a good restaurant nearby he then said that we should go into the supermarket where he could buy something to drink.

When we got there you could actually find a ton of great deals even on prepared items like sandwiches. The drinks are generally cheaper too where you get more for your money. I know some supermarkets nowadays even have seating areas with a microwave so that you can literally buy something from the store and warm it up yourself to eat. It makes you wonder why don`t more people consider the supermarket as a viable on the go meal purchase too?

At minimum if I ever had to purchase anything dining out because I am on a rush for drinks I usually always opt to go to the supermarket first. It’s just so much cheaper in a lot of cases. Makes me wonder if it has to do with some kind of belief that it’s just “weird’ to go to the supermarket to buy say one item or so as opposed to a whole week’s worth of groceries per se.

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