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Fast And Appealing To Use To Save Money

I always thought buying things like bottled water is kind of a waste of money considering you can easily get clean drinking water here. As well, if you are really paranoid about drinking say tap water for health reasons then there is always the option of boiling it. That then got me thinking the other day as my mom used to buy a lot of bottled water or in some ways pay money to get filtered water. Even though she had a kettle and such too she never used it. It wasn’t until she got this new kettle which seemed to boil stuff faster is when she started to use it more. Specifically, it was this Hamilton Beach one that you can see here at .

Not surprisingly, she hasn’t bought any bottled water since using that more which definitely saved her money in the long run. I suppose in many ways if you are buying appliances of some sort to save money you have to make sure that it is actually easy and appealing for the person to use where they won’t dread to take it out to put it into use. Otherwise it kind of reminds me of the time where we knew our mom loved to buy bread all the time which costs her a lot of money and so we figured we would get her a bread machine. I guess it is too bulky or something but she still had the habit of buying the bread from the store.

In cases like those if you have to pay a little more to get something more compact or powerful to make sure that the person will actually use it then I suppose the investment will be better that way. It is a little funny when you think about it where say a person won’t bring out something as simple as a kettle because they think the design is ugly. But I guess with all the options we have in life we are all a lot pickier.

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