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Fame And Fortune Brings Huge Responsibilities

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I was just reading about how the actor Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide today by cutting his wrist and then apparently taking a bunch of pills. An unfortunate scenario indeed and I hope he gets the help that he needs afterwards. I was then reading some comments around the web about this and it seemed like a common response I read from a lot of people was how they would love to be in his shoes in terms of his wealth and some people even made sarcastic remarks such as it must be a stressful life to figure out which expensive car that he wants to drive everyday.

Whenever I hear comments like that it just makes me want to say “let’s see how long you will last” to them as having that much money and fame can definitely create an extreme amount of stress in ones life if you don’t really know how to handle it. Just take a look at a lot of lottery winners as an example. Once they hit the jackpot and it is known publicly virtually everyone comes out of the woodwork asking for something. As a result, a lot of people end up in extreme debt and are worse off emotionally and financially than before. Now try to add fame in there along with the loss in privacy that comes with it.

While like most things it is definitely manageable with practice, these types of situations are usually a big reason why whenever people simply say to me that their goal is to simply make a lot of money which will solve everything I usually ask if that is truly what they want. I guess this is another reason why I like reading things such as when people talk about how you have to have the right attitude and mindset as it is a very important trait to learn when it comes to money. I know most people don’t think so at first, but these types of stories aren’t too hard to find which says otherwise.

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