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Fake News Sites May Not Be Profitable Anymore

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I was reading how Facebook was apparently getting a lot of criticism recently on how all the fake news on its site spread to the average person where they believe it is real. As a result, this can have an influence on people’s beliefs on various topics while influencing them to make decisions as if those stories were facts. So recently Google announced that they would disable sites that produce fake news from being to generate income from it.

I think that is a good move overall as many times there are sites who create fake information simply to get readers. As a result, many of them generate a lot of profit in doing so. Although it does make me wonder for the future of sites such as The Onion where most people should know the stories are fake. Yet at this day in age on how fast a story can travel I wouldn’t be surprised if people think it’s real. Kind of shows the complexity on how a business can automatically determine something as fake news huh? Example, what if something was published by an everyday person where the story sounds so far-fetched that people just don’t believe it because they unfortunately don’t have tangible proof? Would you just ban those types of stories?

In many ways even established sites can post “fake news” where somewhere down the line a person heard from another where the story just sounded so juicy that they had to publish it. Either way it’s interesting for all those people that use fake news as a business model of sorts.

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