Fake Disputes As A Freelancer

Fake Disputes As A Freelancer

For some reason today I was reading all these stories from freelancers on how for many of the projects that they agreed to do for various people ended up in them not getting paid for their work. Essentially, what happened is that just as the working term was about to end the employer would come up with questionable disputes on why the work wasn’t done as agreed and therefore they refused to pay. So of course this often resulted in the freelancer just writing it off.

I have definitely had this experience myself. I have a funny example too that I was still thinking of publishing in some way to use it as a learning lesson for others. It was interesting as for this project unfortunately I was ignorant in believing that what appeared to be a sweet old lady wouldn’t try to deceive anyone in anyway. Therefore, I agreed to do some work without requesting for a deposit ahead of time. Big mistake as just towards the end of agreement she all of a sudden tried to make up excuses such as most of the work and research was done by herself.

This was extremely bad for her as one thing I did do was keep tack of all of our communications to clearly show the work that was provided to her as well as things like real-time consultation which was also documented with recorded logs. So in this case she was constantly put in a corner. However, the unfortunate thing was that I didn’t pursue it in say the court system to this date as I know how tedious the system is here. But at least I still do have all the proof.

With that in mind I think it’s a little unfortunate that when you go into business for yourself you have to always assume to a certain extent that the other person may be trying to take advantage of you, so to speak. Therefore regardless of what the person appears to be or the background and values they claim to have you should always make sure that you will get the compensation for your work. Just the dark side of doing business that you want to avoid experiencing.

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