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Factoring Other Benefits of Not Spending Money

Just the other day I was going to a workshop that wasn’t too far away from where I lived as it was only about 5km away. By car you are probably looking at about a 10 minute drive. Guess what? I decided to use the free form of transportation and walked there. One way took about 30 to 40 minutes.

Aside from saving money for the transportation, usually what inclines me to do this too is for general fitness. Every time I think about it, look at how much money people spend on things like the gym membership. So in that sense I am kind of killing two birds with one stone in situations like these.

Yes, many people think I am crazy to be walking that far. On the other hand, I tend to think some are crazy to think walking that distance is like climbing Mount Everest or something. But in general, I think many times we tend to focus too much on the money aspect when it comes to situations like this as oppose to the overall benefit that it would provide us in the long term.

Example, in this case one could argue that all you really save money wise was a few cents worth of gas and the time I lost by walking makes it look like a silly decision financially. On the other hand, I think of the bigger picture where I am keeping myself physically active and won’t be one of those people who struggle to walk a flight of stairs where in the end they will have to spend even more money to adapt to the fact that they rarely get any exercise.

The same applies to other things too such as learning to make certain things yourself. I guess cooking would be a great example where you can say it is a lot faster to just buy something pre-made from the store versus the amount of time it will take you to learn how to do it yourself. Similar in that situation, thinking about it for the long term it can probably be more beneficial to learn it.

Not only can you cut the labor cost that you are essentially paying for with pre-cooked meal, but imagine what else you can do with that newly acquired skill/knowledge. Teach others….….write a book? Basically, don’t always just think of things purely from a direct dollar point of view I’d say as there is usually so much more benefit to not having to rely on things because they are so convenient.

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