Factoring In Quarantine Downtime For Travel Work

Factoring In Quarantine Downtime For Travel Work

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Today a person showed me a project that actually required travel to a different country where ordinarily it wouldn’t be too big of a deal. In many ways it’s like a paid vacation as well since you get to visit a different country and experience local sights when you are free. Looking at the breakdown as well the company factored in how people would need to self-isolate upon arrival due to the COVID protocols where they actually factor that in when it comes to their budget in compensating people.

So that would sound okay too financially speaking right? But then once you arrive back home you technically need to self-isolate again where in this case the contract is technically over and you won’t be compensated for that. That’s the part you would have to think of as well where that downtime of not being able to do anything once you come back could actually outweigh the pay you got for the job itself.

You can imagine how much more expensive it is for the company as well in having to compensate people nowadays with all these procedures too. But in general I think it shows too how having something that you can do digitally or at home during these times as well can be great where if you can’t do one type of work you can then fall back on something else.

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