Facebook Valuing Profits Over Safety Claims

Facebook Valuing Profits Over Safety Claims

So there was a lot of stories recently on how apparently internal documents were looked where Facebook recognized that its platform Instagram was addictive and bad for teen girls but they decided to continue business as usual. When these documents came to light of course many people were outraged on how the company could value profits over safety.

I can’t say I am surprised as many times the very wealthy and successful people do take advantage of as many people as possible as it is just a numbers game to them. The question is do people honestly care enough where they would stop using a service or buying its product if it currently satisfies their needs? That usually brings up the topic of government regulations which many businesses would say they should be able to do what they want and people have a choice.

Kind of a tricky topic in that sense where you could say they are extremely unethical, but would you say it is fundamentally any different than say a company selling unhealthy food to people? By unhealthy I don’t mean literal poison but probably closer to like that heart attack grill burger joint where eating too much of that can’t be good for you.

So would you think like in this case Facebook is just selling junk food which people can’t get enough of or is it more along the lines of someone giving others a drug knowing they would get addicted and possibly harm themselves?

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