Facebook Meta Name Trademark For 20 Million Dollars

Facebook Meta Name Trademark For 20 Million Dollars

Most people have heard that the company Facebook is changing its name to Meta which will be an expensive expense. But recently I read on TMZ that there was a PC game company that actually filed for the trademark word Meta.

People will probably get the two mixed up and with that the PC company was reportedly willing to sell the trademark for $20 million dollars. That is a lot of money, but apparently it was being justified because the company would then have to re-brand everything themselves which is equally expensive. If you were Facebook would you accept the offer to prevent conflict? I am actually surprised all this wasn’t already taken care of before the announcement. Then again, technically the trademark hasn’t been granted yet.

It reminds me of a story I heard where when the reality show survivor debuted on TV it was a huge success to he point where everyone was trying to find information about it by typing survivor.com in their browser. That domain ended up being registered way before the show by a software company. They were even expressing how they were receiving a surge of traffic as a result.

The production actually ended up buying it and the owner took advantage of the traffic with things such as site ads to make money. Either way, the first person to register in these cases can benefit either way.

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