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Extra Software Licenses

I was looking at a few tax software programs today and for one reason or another it seemed like all the versions that were being sold at this particular sore were all multi-licensed versions. Essentially, they were meant for like the entire family where each person can submit a tax return.

That just made me think of the other times where I bought software products and had extra licenses to spare simply because there was no other versions to buy. The funny thing is I was inclined to go out of my way to find anyone that would remotely have any use for it as it seems wasteful not to use it. In a way, it’s almost like I was doing the advertising and promoting for the company.

It made me wonder how many times that must happen with these tax software programs. From a business point of view, that’s not a bad way too when you think about it if your intent was to spread the word about your product. Almost reminds me of these infomercials where people offered you a buy one get free deal with the emphasis that they are giving it to you for free in hopes that you would give one to a friend.

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