Exposing Phonies or Hoping No One Falls For Their Offerings

Exposing Phonies or Hoping No One Falls For Their Offerings

Imagine you were just networking with some people and this one person claimed to be an expert within their field while being able to offer people advice and service to help launch their career. For a new person in the field they would think that is great. But in this scenario the person happened to be talking to a well experienced professional. That made everything awkward as it exposed the person as not knowing very much or even giving advice that many working professionals wouldn’t.

The person then expressed how he hopes the “expert” doesn’t end up scamming anyone per se. So that made me wonder, if you encounter someone who is passing themselves off as a say an expert but is clearly not would you take the time to inform people about your discovery or like here just hope they don’t take advantage of anyone while avoiding them yourself?

From observation, I would imagine most people would just let it be as people generally don’t like conflict. It makes you think if we should all be exposing these types of incidents to protect everyone huh?

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