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Experiencing Things Without Money

mountain hike sea to sky

Today I decided to go on a hike with a few people as I never visited the place before and thought it would be some good exercise. Upon arriving the price to take a lift up the mountain is what caught my attention as it was about fifty dollars or so. You do have the option to actually hike up the mountain though which would take a few hours. It was kind of funny as a friend saying how he normally had a pass that gave him spiffs to use the ride lift for very little money. So as a result they have often just taken that route to go up. However, he no longer has that pass and so we all actually came to hike the thing.

As we were going up the mountain is was kind of cool at all the things you can experience not only from say a scenery point of view but how much you can learn and grow. Example, one person said they stopped maybe half way before and never bothered to keep going. However, today there were people like myself who are normally avid walkers and so that was extra motivation to keep going. As we reached the peak the view was definitely great. We actually walked all the way back down too and comments kept coming up on how it’s kind of hard to believe that we actually hiked the whole thing.

This kind of shows me that sometimes money can rob you of so many life experiences just because you have it and can use it to say take shortcuts. But at times like these it kind of shows how much you can gain too by doing things without having to spend so much money even if you can.

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