Experience of Being Broke Not Helping People
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Experience of Being Broke Not Helping People

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People often say when it comes to training in some kind of self-defence course the way you learn how to block fast is to get hit in the head. Basically, the pain and agony of say getting punched is supposed to motivate you to do things such as keeping your guard up where you don’t want that feeling of getting hit again. Or it’s like saying if you ever think it’s a good idea to put your finger in the electric socket a good shock will convince you to stop right away and to avoid it in the future.

For myself this thought holds true with money for me where the experience of being broke convinced me that I never want to be in that position again. Hence, I always try and spend my money responsibly while wanting to find ways to generate a comfortable steam of income. But it’s fascinating to me on how for many people being broke once isn’t enough to change them. There was one example I saw where a person was unfortunately lid off from his job where he was broke and had to go on things like EI. With no money to spend he had to be frugal.

Once he found new work he was happy of course. But as it turned out that didn’t change his spending habits at all such as trying to save money for the future. It was also back to spending say ten dollars a day on coffee where at the end of the week he was pretty much broke again until the next pay cheque. So it makes you wonder, what is the fundamental difference here where a person like myself takes an experience like these to heart per se to try and make sure I never get to that place again?

The only thing I can think of is maybe in his situation it wasn’t truly a back behind the wall scenario as he still could get help such as the EI. Whereas for myself I started at a very young age where the scenario of being “broke” also meant not being able to get any additional help as it was up to me to figure out how to save and all to get back to a good position. Having video games to practice financial management blunders was a great way to learn as well where many times it takes more than one time to get it through our heads and a fictional game let’s you do that repeatedly until you decide it’s better to try and ensure that you don’t end up there again.

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