Expensive Standard Internet Rates As Normal For People
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Expensive Standard Internet Rates As Normal For People

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Over the past week or so I have seen two examples where people were trying to figure out how they could save more money which sometimes involves sacrificing things they don’t truly need or can get through other means. One service in particular was Internet access services. In both cases each person was paying well over $100 a month for just Internet access which sounds crazy expensive to me. Mine costs about $50 a month as an example and I am with pretty much the monopoly I guess you could say. So to hear them say that $100 fee price is normal is a little mind boggling.

One person then said because his bill was about $120 it is actually cheaper for him to just go out and buy coffee which enables him to use Internet there. Basically in his mind he gets a drink and uses the services. Funny enough that was actually more expensive as he spent about $3 each day as a result which would mean $150 a month or $30 more extra. I think this is one of those cases where even though something is considered an essential part of your budget doesn’t mean there aren’t deal to be found.

Like here you have to do your research and even nag for some deals if you have to. If you are not under contract just telling your company that you are planning to switch can often generate a ton of deals as an example. I find what can help as well is even though it isn’t 100% accurate you can look at rates in other cities. If there is a huge price gap then chances are you can get a better deal too.

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