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Expensive Rental Equipment From Your Service Providers

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To my surprise today I was talking to a friend who was in the midst of setting up an Internet access service for his new home and setting up a wireless network was on his list too. The company itself had an option where the customers could rent the necessary equipment from them too if they decide not to buy their own. The crazy thing was that the rental price was about $15 a month when you could easily buy the the necessary equipment for pretty much tat price.

Of course my first reaction was who in the world would even pay those crazy fees. Then again, someone must be doing so for it to even be there as an option. It usually makes more sense to simply buy the equipment outright in these cases consider how little they cost. It’s a little different if the item itself costs a few hundred dollars. Then again, there is always the factor of if you actually own the item then down the road you could probably sell it to get some money back. So minus all the rental fees that you would have avoided plus that you could have actually ended up ahead a oppose to simply renting.

I think for myself usually the only exception is if it is something that I rarely do. For example, if you rarely ski and maybe do it like once a year then it may simply make more sense to rent the equipment. But usually for equipment that revolves around your daily life I usually find that overall you save money buy having your own equipment as oppose to renting it each month.

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