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Expensive Plans And Features For So Little Usage

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Today I went to a restaurant as someone wanted to introduce me to another person. On the way he appeared to have lost the address to the place in question and his friend wasn’t picking up the phone. Therefore, I just started browsing the Internet with my phone and found the exact address of the place.

He then told me how he should subscribe to service plans like that as it must be very useful. I was just thinking how data plans are super expensive here and if all you are using it for is to find the address of places in rare instances it doesn’t really seem worth it.

That reminds me of most items that we buy where we read about all these features that we try to justify to ourselves in buying when really for the most part we are not getting the full use out of it. I suppose it’s like saying what is the point of buying an expensive GPS device if the person usually goes back and fourth to the exact same places all the time while not traveling much?

In some ways having too many gizmos and fancy features make you lazy from doing the simple things. Like this I’m sure the wiser thing would have been to do is write down the address. No need to spend more just for little usages on items like this.

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