Expensive Kyoho Grapes That Make Me Wonder Financially
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Expensive Kyoho Grapes That Make Me Wonder Financially

Kyoho Grapes

While visiting the supermarket I saw these boxes of grapes that I assumed was like any other grape where a box may cost between $3 to $5. But holy cow look at the price. It stated on the sign that this was $16.99 per box. I am assuming this are imported grapes as I actually never seen Kyoho grapes at the supermarket. But it makes me wonder financially, who would normally go shopping for groceries and decide to pick this up for that price?

I would almost imagine it would have to be a specialty store of sort for that price where people are specifically looking to try something premium per se. Are these grapes really that good for that price? For things this expensive I would probably want to try a sample portion or something such as ordering a piece at a restaurant. I am not sure when I would just grab this considering you can buy so much groceries for that price.

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