Expecting Save On Foods Tuesday Deals To Get Worst or Better

Expecting Save On Foods Tuesday Deals To Get Worst or Better

Interesting opinions I was reading about Save on Foods recent revival of its $1.49 Tuesday sales special where the first event seemed to have generated a lot of positive feedbacks. There were great varieties of items that people actually wanted at very cheap prices. Even I dropped by the store to see the deals. I suppose like most businesses if they see something that works they would assume just keep doing it right?

The issue here it seems is that the items chosen for the sales afterwards didn’t seem to get people excited. For example, there didn’t seem to any fresh fruits like the last time. As a result, the common sentiment seemed to be if one was going to go to the store shopping regardless of this then it would be a great bonus. But many would not go out of their way for the deals.

For these sales I think it is safe to say that many of the items are being treated as a loss leader of sort where the hope is you will buy more than just the sales item. Because of that, I usually expect the worst as a company can’t keep offering high demand products at a loss as an example. Like with these deals I can see it being a casual purchase similar to when I walk through stores to see if there are any great unadvertised deals. I just find it’s not worth the time investment usually to expect one company to have the best deals week after week as most places can often have at least one deal that is better than everywhere else. I guess it is subjective too in regards to what one actually needs to consider it a good deal.

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