Expecting Sales Events During a Pandemic or Not
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Expecting Sales Events During a Pandemic or Not

Usually the nest way to save money on high ticket purchases is to wait for a sales event such as Black Friday where retailers will specifically drop prices to get your business. But with the pandemic a lot of companies such as Amazon are simply trying to manage the excessive increase in demand where sales events are pretty much thrown out the window or delayed. So should you just buy something that you were interested in now?

If you don’t truly need it right away then as usual it may be best to wait. At the same time I was reading how even companies like Amazon are planning to introduce its Prime Day event which should be an incentive for some to save up still. I wouldn’t doubt for one second that more companies will begin to offer consistent sales deals as usual when they see others doing so.

You should still keep in mind the same trend where when companies release new products that means the older models drop in price. So if anything you should stay on top of things in terms of new product releases before making the plunge as those types of sales are always guaranteed. Don’t be surprised if a new Black Friday type of event will be created after all this as well.

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