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Expecting Others To Do The Work For You

This has got to be one of the oddest mindset I have ever seen in a person when it comes to starting a business. The story goes along like this. Imagine there was a person who constantly procrastinated in starting a venture with reasons such as believing it is too hard or that he needs a million dollar office. With that people were actually telling him how many people do it for virtually nothing by starting small such as operating a home-based business. It’s definitely possible.

So with that the guy then jumps in and starts to create something. While he gets started he was pretty disorganized and for some odd reason decided to not go with a home based business route and actually lease a retail space. The only assumption is he did it for image perception as he wanted to look bigger than he really is. With all that his business wasn’t taking off. Now here comes the really odd part.

He started to demand the people who encouraged him to start a business to actually help him run it for free. Almost as if they were partners in the business. His reasoning was they convinced him to start a business and so it is their responsibility to help him. Even I was like “huh?” For one thing he basically went against their advice if you think about it. At the same time how can anyone not take responsibility for their own path and decisions in this sense?

It’s one thing if those people insisted that he do it a certain way and he say invested in methods that they directly or indirectly benefit from with promises that they will help him run it. But in this case you have to be prepared yourself to do the work. Imagine reading a motivational book and then saying that author is now responsible to help you run your business.

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