Expecting Less or More For Vegan Meal Choices

Expecting Less or More For Vegan Meal Choices

This was an interesting post that has been spreading around that apparently dealt with an airline who had a customer that requested for vegan meals on their business flight. In the post they mentioned that flight attendant confirmed their choice of a breakfast meal which was a banana which they acknowledged. Apparently the person was surprised though as all they got was literally a banana as they assumed that would be a side item to a main course of sort.

That generated a lot of debate business wise where if you are charging people premium prices for travel should you not be offering something more than just raw fruit? Some people were suggesting that if you choose that kind of lifestyle then you should expect to just get barebone choices like these. Whereas others would say they should have been given something that requires effort and preparation such as a fancy salad of sort.

For the record, it sounded like vegan or not everyone got something that was really small portion wise such as a baguette. But it is interesting to think about business wise like here if one should have to have a fancier offering for specific types of diet. A tricky example would be if people are drinking soda and you just want water should that water be extra fancy somehow too as well? For example, should they always be getting higher cost choices such as apple or orange juice?

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