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Expecting Homemade or Restaurant Quality When You Pay Money for Food

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Often when people go to restaurants you read comments such as how the place is great as the food tastes homemade which to many is a good thing. For example, that can often mean very fresh tasting. It was interesting hearing one person say though that if he ever spends money to dine out he expects it to be “restaurant quality” as if the item tastes like it is “homemade” then me may as well save a ton of money and make it himself.

I guess there is technically no right or wrong where I can see both sides. For myself I rarely ever dine out where if I do it’s often because of the sheer convenience and timing such as I am nowhere near home at the time and won’t be for a while. So if it tastes homemade then that can be a good thing. But there are specific instances that I would expect to get something that is beyond my own regular day cooking. Hot pot restaurants are actually the ones where I often feel shortchanged for the price.

Usually you are presented with some uncooked meat and vegetables where you literally just throw it into a boiling pot. Like there it’s odd because even if it is homemade tasting why wouldn’t I treat it the same as the other stuff? For this it’s the price usually plus the fact that you are literally doing the work in cooking it too. It’s almost like you are paying to rent the room and boiling pot in my view. I know one person told me they felt the same way. But when they choose such a restaurant it’s more about sitting around and talking.

With all that in mind it makes me wonder how a business decides on what’s best as to how to advertise their offering. Because like this people’s expectations can be so different.

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