Expecting Customers To Check For Updated Prices

Expecting Customers To Check For Updated Prices

While in a store today I was actually interested in buying a lens cleaner I saw on its online store and I figured that I would buy it in-person since it mentioned it was in stock. While it was there, I was surprised as the price of the item was tagged at almost $20 when the online price stated that it was about $12 as a sales price. That almost made me not want to purchase it since it wasn’t a good deal at a regular price. There was no employee around either to verify the price. However, there was a self checkout aisle and I figured I would scan it too see if it would ring up as the online sale price. Sure enough, it was at the sale price.

I am just thinking how much faster they could have probably moved the product if someone simply updated the price as not everyone is going to do their research ahead of time to know that there is a deal. A lot of companies actually say their store prices may be different than their online prices. But with price matching nowadays it seems most companies offer the same prices online or offline.

Now granted it could have simply been employees that didn’t update the prices. But there are times where companies don’t care as they assume if someone wants to buy it they will either way. Like in my case though, if I didn’t know ahead of time of the sale I wouldn’t have bought it.

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