Expecting Cancellations During The Cold Weather Season
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Expecting Cancellations During The Cold Weather Season

It just started to snow all of a sudden today with the temperatures dropping to freezing levels. I was going to say recently too that it felt like spring was near. Funny enough, even though there wasn’t a lot of snow, my fist thought was wondering who was going to cancel what today as usually people phone in sick for work as an example during these times. Sure enough, I did receive messages from various people who expressed they would be cancelling some planned events due to not feeling well.

I still maintain my iron man status regarding not cancelling say a work appointment due to any illness. But it did make me think how usually when the weather gets cold like this I immediately start to think what else I could do besides a scheduled meeting as an example that may get cancelled. Fortunately I was correct as an evening martial arts session was cancelled due to the weather and people getting sick. Because I anticipated something happening, I already had alternative plans to get other work done without a hitch.

That can be a useful habit to save money too because many times like in these instances people would just try to figure what they could do with this last minute cancellation where they will end up spending money such as dining our or going to watch a movie. That doesn’t sound like a decent substitute too if you were originally intending to get exercise and now you are stuffing yourself instead. Plan for a backup early on whenever you get crazy weather.

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