Expecting A Tip Before You Even Complete A Service DoorDash Driver

Expecting A Tip Before You Even Complete A Service DoorDash Driver

There were a lot of stories recently of an apparent Doordash delivery driver who started to create videos of him allegedly picking up customer orders from restaurants that left a $1 tip for whoever delivers the order and the video proceeds to showing him eat the food. He then mocks people who tip very little to in a sense show them what happens when they don’t give bigger tips. This created a lot of debate where you have some people saying you should always tip more and some saying it’s your job to deliver the item and tipping is just a bonus.

But what did get me to think is how if this is true and not just some made up video for the guy to get views, doesn’t that seem completely off where you as the contractor or service provider is expecting to receive tips for a job well done when the job hasn’t even been done yet technically? Why would a restaurant worker expect to get a tip if the final service was something outrageous such as the employees not caring about their job and actually eating the customer’s food?

This is kind of an example how a tip in many ways has lost all meaning where people feel entitled to it regardless of how well of a job they have done. This is definitely a cultural thing as in some places like Japan many people can consider tipping as an insult where it can be perceived as you implying the person is a poor as an example. Of course there is the debate on how certain countries businesses just pay everyone a higher wage overall. But it is kind of crazy to think about where people here demand it regardless of quality and performance.

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