Excited or Skeptical For As See On TV Labels

Excited or Skeptical For As See On TV Labels

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There was some huge winds today where as a result my umbrella was damaged and it looks like I t will need to be replaced. This one was supposed to be wind resistant too. But I guess as time went on it just got weaker. So as I tried to research for some more wind resistant umbrellas the only ones at the local stores here seemed to be As Seen On TV merchandise. For example, one called the BetterBrella which was almost $30. I was thinking though, for myself I have seen so many parody videos of As seen on TV products that I don’t think the label gives it the same value as it did way back.

One of my immediate thought is some over the top host showing the product in a scripted way and nowadays people tend to trust real people reviews more I feel. But companies obviously still invest heavily into having a product on TV simply for the sake of saying it was there for value. Do you tend to trust as seen on TV products more compared to say one that a ton of people are giving good reviews online for?

It seems to me being on like a TV talk show probably gives it the type of marketing power that an infomercial once did. Or is there truly a ton of people who would still trust a product way more having seen it in an infomercial style commercial?

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