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Excess Amount of Halloween Candy

This was kind of a unique conversation I heard. As we all know Halloween is coming up and usually that means people buy large packs of candy to giveaway to the kids. For the most part I think people buy a certain amount with the intent that you will keep handing them out until the supply is depleted. A conversation about money came up about this though where one person said if he had an excess amount of candy leftover he will simply save it and give it away another day for times when he would have to normally spend money on it. Example, I guess it is like if you have a family gathering and kids are present.

Another person said he doesn’t do that at all as since he bought it for that particular day he will use it all up one way or another. So if that means he has say ten chocolate bars left and was planning to go to sleep then the next child that rings the door bell will get the ten bars. To him the savings technique of the first person was too small to bother with in this scenario.

What a funny conversation I thought but at the same time it sure showed the difference in attitude when it comes to conserving to save money. I’ve seen people go as far as returning unused/unopened candy packages to stores as they would rather just have their money back. Course, some people probably just eat it themselves after.

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