Ever Trusting Companies That Abandoned You

Ever Trusting Companies That Abandoned You

I was reading a lot of comments recently from customers of NVIDIA, since they are in the news a lot due to the topic of AI hardware. While the company sounds like they are doing very well, customers have been complaining that their recent consumer graphics card offerings failed to meet value expectations as it seems like people are paying more for new generation graphics cards that don’t preform that much better than previous generations.

So, with that a lot of people simply held off buying new cards and it appeared to have an effect where there didn’t appear to be any crazy lineups for the new product launches. Some felt the company would reverse course as sales and money could do that. However, with how much the stock on the company has increased lately this could be a scenario where the company simply doesn’t care.

That made me wonder, as a consumer would you ever return to a company if they blatantly abandoned you believing they no longer need the support of your demographic? Like here, if competition starts to crush NVIDIA were they all of as sudden really need the consumer market again would you return to them as a long as the deal is good? I know many say they wouldn’t, but it makes you wonder if that is truly the case in many instances if the deal is good or that it appears they returned to their roots.

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