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Ever Thinking If Your Job Can Literally Kill You By Working Too Much

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For myself the idea of trying to find multiple streams of income in an effort to leverage your time is always appealing just for the sake of having the flexibility to do other things if I need to. As well that should also mean that you are constantly trying to find ways to earn money without actually being physically there. I never thought of stuff like this for health reasons though as a motivation to do it.

That’s what this story shocked me today even though according to the article it is very common. In this story apparently a news reporter in Japan literally died with a cell phone in her hand due to a heart attack from literally working too much. She incurred over 100 hours of overtime in a month while only taking two days off. Again, apparently these kinds of incidents are common.

Do stories like these scare you into making sure that whatever profession you are doing in life for an income requires you to be smart about it? For example, just because you can handle 12 hour work days now doesn’t mean you can later. That money is no good if you are dead too.

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